Ketsugo in India is taught under the leadership of Sensei Stanislaus Louis.

Sensei Stanislaus is the Chief Instructor for India of the Eastern India Martial Arts Association (EIMAA), a global organization for the propagation and promotion of the Ketsugo system of martial arts, based in San Diego, California. He has also been President of EIMAA India since 2005.

He is authorized to instruct as well as grade students in the Ketsugo system of martial arts. He is also qualified to train para-military, law enforcement, security and police personnel in self-defense, unarmed combat, tactical training and special weapons training.

He currently holds the 4th Degree Black Belt (Yon Dan) in Unarmed and Armed Combat. Having started his Ketsugo training in 1979 under the guidance of Soke Sensei Leonard V Godinho (6th Degree Black Belt), Sensei Stanislaus achieved his 1st Degree Black Belt in the year 1989.

Sensei Stanislaus has been teaching Ketsugo to civilians as well as to law enforcement and defense personnel for more than three decades.

Over the years, he has assisted various law enforcement organizations in executing several confidential and sensitive assignments as well as high-risk combat operations. He has also been invited on multiple occasions to train the Maharashtra Police, Mumbai Police and the Mumbai Riot Control Squad in armed and unarmed combat.

As part of his professional career, Sensei Stanislaus has held supervisory as well as officer positions in the security departments of Hotel Oberoi and Gulf Air, where his Ketsugo training has helped him discharge his duties firmly yet with calm compassion and sensitivity.

Sensei Stanislaus firmly believes that Ketsugo can be a powerful tool for motivating underprivileged and economically backward children to become socially productive as well as to succeed academically. In pursuit of this belief, he has been running Ketsugo training centers at various YMCA locations across Mumbai, in collaboration with the Bombay YMCA, for the past several years.

In addition, Sensei Stanislaus has taught Ketsugo self-defense techniques to young girls as well as grown women, to empower them against victimization and to become more self-confident. He has also used Ketsugo training as an effective means to rehabilitate substance-abuse victims, and guide them back to the path of discipline and self-control.

Sensei Stanislaus is currently in the process of developing special Ketsugo training modules for senior citizens, to help them live healthier, more active, wholesome and well-balanced lives.

During his career as a trainer, Sensei Stanislaus has received several commendations, from law enforcement organizations as well as civilian bodies. The Mumbai and Maharashtra Police have repeatedly recognized his contribution. Further, in 2007, the Bombay YMCA conferred upon him the prestigious Order of Merit in recognition of his work with underprivileged children through Ketsugo. Articles written by him on Ketsugo as well as on various security issues have also been published in prestigious magazines over the years.

As a person, Sensei Stanislaus prefers to express his innermost thoughts through poetry, some of which has been published; his poems have even received appreciation from a personality as eminent as Mother Teresa. He also enjoys traveling, and occasionally tilling the land at his family farm in Karjat.