Aikido is Japans most modern martial arts. It principles were discovered by Morihei Uyeshiba. His physical journey from a weak kid to a robust healthy man and founder of such a superior art is commendable. He studied various martial arts of his time during his training period, he showed utmost courtesy to his teachers. Once training started he devoted himself completely. His determination and devotion was to train so that he could triumph over all others. He became the most proficient man in martial arts in Japan. In fact he was invincible. It is then, it dawned on him that throwing others, striking them down to fight and prevail over them was meaningless to win means that some day we shall lose. Today victor will be vanquished tomorrow. A realiasation dawned on him that martial art training is not training that has its primary purpose of defeating others, but true martial arts is that which regulate without struggle the Ki of the universe, guard the peace of the world, and produce and bring to maturity everything in nature. It’s about practice of God’s love within ourselves.

To express such lofty feeling was impossible through the martial arts and other methods that existed at that time, so professor Uyeshiba with a lot of experimenting and changes finally created what is the Aikido today. The violent and fierce arts previously practiced changed into a gentle harmonious art called Aikido. It is a way without end harmonious with nature.

Aikido comprises of three words “Ai” meaning “Harmonious” “KI” meaning intrinsic energy “Do” meaning way of the Life. Aikido therefore is to be in harmony with ones intrinsic energy, nature and make it a way of life. In Aikido every technique was designed in obedience to the laws of nature so that there is no strain in its execution. Obey the laws of nature in all your movements and win, disobey and loose.

Aikido is not merely an art of self defence but into its techniques and movement are woven elements of philosophy, psychology and dynamics. As you learn the various techniques, you will at the same time train your mind, improve your health and develop an unbreakable self confidence. If the art of leading the mind is learned and mastered even a woman, a child or the old could defend themselves, easily and develop amazing strength.

Ketsugo system of self defence has incorporated Aikido because of this very fact that it could be used across all age and gender as an effective medium of self defence. The aspect of the use of all form of power (mind, body, & spirit) in unison with nature helps makes Ketsugo a formidable & invincible system of self defence.