KETSUGO” in Japanese means “Combination”. In English, it is an abbreviation for Karate, Savate, Judo and Aikido. It is an unarmed combat system. Ketsugo lays emphasis on the powerful and effective combinations, counters, take-down, along with blocks, punches and kicks of Karate, flat check thrust and cupped hits of Savate, break-falls, grappling techniques and throws of Judo, stylized wrist hold/locks and throws of Aikido. The Ketsugo system emphasizes the combined qualities of Karate, Savate, Judo and Aikido, (as these techniques do away with the drawbacks of the individual art). When combined Ketsugo become your “Invisible, Invincible companion”

Globally Ketsugo is a system of unarmed combat taught to Commandos, Marines, Paratroopers, Police, Force related to or connected with Security. In India Soke Dairi Sensei Leonard V. Godinho 6th Degree Black Belt (Unarmed and Armed combat) – President and chief Instructor of E.I.M.A.A. (International) is credited with its promotion and propagation to civilians for street survival and self-defence at University campuses, Schools and YMCA’s Soko Dairi Sensei Leonard V. Godinho has been imparting Ketsugo to students from the early 70’s to mid 80’s till he migrated to USA. After his migration his senior black belts Sensei Shivdas Menon, Sensei Suhas Gadre, Sensei Cyrus Rustomji, Sensei Arthur Saldahna and Sensei Sharoakh Tavakkuli have continued imparting Ketsugo to civilians, especially in the western region of India.

Presently Ketsugo in India is under the leadership of Sensei Stanislaus Louis, 4th Degree Black Belt (Unarmed and Armed combat) – President & Chief Instructor E.I.M.A.A. (India). Along with his colleagues Sensei Sharad Jamsandekar, Sensei Manohar Rathod, Sensei Ulhas Rathod and their Black Belts are carrying on the work of teaching Ketsugo to civilians in Maharashtra.

Sensei Stanislaus in tandem with the YMCA organization has used Ketsugo as a powerful & successful medium to train & motivate underprivileged & economically backward children to be successful academically. Ketsugo has proved to be a powerful tool for rehabilitation of both children and adults too.

In India, the law and order situation is far from desirable in their sphere of life. Women and senior citizen are victimized by the minute, hence learning Ketsugo, a system of self-defence and survival, instills confidence to deal with such situations.